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UV Cordless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

UV Cordless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

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Presenting a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that's designed for your bed, small in size and easy to use, it not only removes dirt but sanitizes with UV light! It can also be used on sofas and bedding.

  • The mattress vacuum cleaner can remove dust, dirt that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and all the dirt and dust can be sucked into the dust cup through the high-efficiency filter system.
  • Regularly cleaning your mattress can bring a healthy sleep environment, and quality sleep is an intangible asset in the long run because it keeps us healthy and energized.
Note: The bed cleaner has a built-in intelligent purple light tube. When the machine is lifted, the UV light does not light up. This is a normal protection, not a machine failure! 
(Tips: Remember to clean the dust box regularly, the dust box of the SWDK bed vacuum cleaner can be washed directly and reused, which will keep the vacuum cleaner better suction.)




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