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Whip It Cleaner, Multi Purpose Stain Remover Professional Strength Spray, Plant Based Enzyme Cleaner,

Whip It Cleaner, Multi Purpose Stain Remover Professional Strength Spray, Plant Based Enzyme Cleaner,

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  • STAIN REMOVER - Amazingly removes toughest stains from fabric, carpet, upholstery and many more. Over 500 different uses
  • VERSATILE - Removes stains from blood, red wine, food, pet stains, marine and automotive.
  • PLANT BASED - Made from ecuaplytus, citrus, corn, and other powerful plant based ingredients.
  • SAFE FOR MOST SURFACES - Contains no alcohol, ammonia, bleaches or dyes
  • READY TO GO - Premixed spray formula. Spray and wipe stains away.

Whip-It is an unbelievable, plant-based multipurpose super cleaner that breaks down the chemical bond of stains in seconds. Amazingly, Whip-It loosens, breaks down, and lifts heavy dirt, food, and set in stains from the second the formula touches the stain. Whip-It is truly unlike anything you have ever used in the world of cleaning products and we are extremely proud to present this wonderful product to you.

Whip-It is infused with one of nature’s most powerful disinfectants, natural eucalyptus and other non-toxic ingredients to deliver the most effective earth friendly stain remover. The fresh eucalyptus scent is fantastic as the cleaner can make the environment “smell like a spa” while you clean.

There are NO artificial perfumes or toxic fumes in our products. Whip-It contains no chlorine, bleaches, ammonia, phosphates, petrochemicals, acids or dyes meaning Whip-It is completely earth, family and pet friendly! Whip-It works best on carpet, fabric and upholstery stains of all types. It has been used by professionals from all industries for the toughest stain removing jobs and applications.

The cleaner has over 500 different uses and can safely used nearly everywhere in your home, car, office or commercial business. Say goodbye to stain ruined items and let Whip-It "whip-them" out! Enjoy. -----The AMAZING Whip-It Multi-Purpose Super Strength cleaner is a powerful pre-mixed solution formulated to remove stains on durable surfaces. Carpet-Fabrics-Flooring-Equipment-Grout-Machinery-Tools-Upholstery-Walls-Wood 32 oz

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